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Antioch, A Sending Church - Acts 13:1-5

All service elements are preloaded so if the internet fails or lags during the service - it will not affect the synchronization. Most desktop or laptop devices will work fine with this option. You should try this first as this is the preferred mode

The service will play with a live connection to the media server which may cause pauses if your internet connection lags. The "Sync" button will not be green if you are not in sync. You may have have to sync it several times to get "caught up" with the service if you come in late. or you connection isn't strong enough to deliver the sermon as it plays normally. If you have a pretty good internet connection this option may work very well in all cases.

The BLOG option will play the service elements in a NON-VR BLOG page preloaded. You will see who is logged in and see the chat messages and song lyrics. Use this option if the two options above fail.

If you watch the service after the sychronnized time (11:00 AM on Sunday) - You may use the NXT>> button to launch the service.
Log into the GCC blog to access previous sermons in the series and prior series. You may also access the synchronized service in the blog. You can post a comment or media message on the blog and/or comment on sermons or other postings.

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